I'm sure you have asked yourself or have been asked by someone else, what is important when selecting a Home Inspector? Here are a few things to look at and consider when A Total Inspection performs your inspection. 

Experience - You can be assured that your inspector is well educated, knowledgeable and certified int he inspection process. Chad has been in and around the construction business since 1979. He also owned and operated his own construction company for 17 years util 2006. Chad has been solely in the residential and commercial inspection business since February 2006.

Jared has worked with and been mentored by Chad in the construction and inspection business. He received his license the first part of 2010, and has been a valuable asset, helping to expand A Total Inspection.  

All inspection performed through A Total Inspection either by Chad or Jared are done with the same high standards!

Educate The Client - We encourage the buyers to come to the inspection so that we may educate each of them on the inspection process. We feel it is very important to inform each client on the important things to look for on their home investment and not get caught up on the little things that can be fixed with a small amount of money. At the end of the inspection, the buyer will receive a detailed report and can ask the inspector direct questions and see firsthand the condition of the home. 

Customer Service - We always tell every one of our clients and realtors to ask any and all questions, because we believe, "there is no such thing as a stupid question!" We want all of our clients to contact us from the day of the inspection, to the day they sell their home with any questions or concerns about the property. We are aware that this is a very exciting and important time for them and we want to help them be sure of their investment. We will always be there for all of our clients.


Chad Ware - TREC #9144

Direct Phone: (713) 253 9746

Email: chad@atotalinspection.com

Facebook: A Total Inspection

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Jared Ware - TREC 10576

Direct Phone: (936) 537 2213

Email: jared@atotalinspection.com 

Facebook: A Total Inspection